Hamilton Park Racecourse

hamilton park enclosureHorse racing began in Hamilton since 1782 and it is now part of Scotland’s great sporting heritage. For over 200 years, punters have visited the course wanting to place a bet or simply just enjoy a grand day out at the races.

Several landmark events in racing have occurred on Hamilton Park’s grounds. On 18 July 1947 it became the first course in Britain to stage an evening fixture while on 8 May 1971 the racecourse became the first to hold a morning meeting. These innovations would become commonplace for racecourses around the country.

The present racecourse opened in 1926 and since 1973 it has been owned by the Hamilton Park Trust which returns all profits into developing the course.

Hamilton Park is well known for its reputation of mixing good quality racing with glamour and entertainment. .

The 2017 schedule can be found at: https://hamilton-park.co.uk